Dorothy Piper

Artist – Roxburgh, Central Otago

It was as a teenager that Dorothy Piper began what has now become a lifelong passion for art and painting. Many years of working in different careers and raising her children put pressure on finding time to seriously pursue an art career.

She now paints full-time, carefully perfecting her intricate, detailed watercolour pieces.

She says: “My paintings can appear traditional both in subject and painting style; however, I try to see the subject objectively and reflectively so that each painting is a marriage between reality and imagination.”

Dorothy paints whatever attracts her. This may be a shape or colour of a subject or sometimes a tiny detail that offers inspiration.

The austere paradise that is Central Otago, with its distinctively changing seasons, is the perfect place for Dorothy to follow her love of painting. “Its stark beauty provides me with peace, calm, clarity, inspiration, and a never-diminishing desire to put brush to paper.”

Dorothy Piper Artist
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