Art Inspires Emotion

When we view a piece of art, our emotions are immediately affected. The range of emotion covers the spectrum, from the ‘I just don’t get it!’ to ‘I absolutely love it and must have it’. This is why we love art. The artist imagines, creates, and offers up a piece which is then measured by our emotion.

Here at Forfar Road Gallery and Collectibles, we are as emotional about the original pieces that we offer for sale as we are about the wonderful, talented artists who allow us the opportunity to showcase their talent. We aim to provide a showroom for the talent that exists in our beautiful part of the world, in the beautiful Teviot Valley, Central Otago region of southern New Zealand.

Our Artists

Sheena Lassen

Sheena Lassen creates magnificent oil on canvas landscapes that reflect the stunning, sometimes rugged, always amazing landscapes of the region and the effects of differing light and transitions of daylight on the unique Central Otago scenery.

Dorothy Piper

Dorothy Piper offers intricately detailed, beautifully composed watercolours. An example; is an award-winning study of McTavish’s schist and cob constructed cottage, while in another: discreetly camouflaging a covey of quail in a pile of oak leaves.

Julia Fast

Julia Fast takes natural semi-precious gemstones, and sterling silver findings and blends her knowledge of the healing power of gemstones with her artistic talent to create a stunning range of modern jewellery suitable for any occasion.

Marion Mewburn

Marion Mewburn is a bit of a rock-star around our beautiful Teviot Valley here in stunning Central Otago. Her vibrant personality and whacky sense of humour shines through in the incredible porcelain pieces she creates in her Millers Flat studio.

Diana Nicholson-Plank

Diana Nicholson-Plank, Artist and Art Tutor based in Christchurch, offers vibrant, thoughtful, sometimes moody acrylic on canvas pieces. She describes her work: Diverse and complementary opposites. The humorous and profound; the natural and constructed; unanswered questions, unfinished stories…

Murray Sheppard

Murray Sheppard takes to the hand tools to craft outstanding wood sculptures. We wonder at the talent required to create pieces such as Kauri Lace, Ripples in Oak, and the stunning Out of the Forest, created from a single piece of discarded Macrocarpa. The piece has a sculpted fractured appearance, carved to reflect the colours and shape of a forest while retaining the original colours of the wood.

Kyle Mewburn

Having won numerous awards for her writing, Kyle Mewburn is one of New Zealand’s finest picture book writers.
She lives and works in the rural township of Millers Flat, in the scenically stunning region of Central Otago in the south of New Zealand’s South Island.
Her picture books are truly wonderful, inspiring young minds, finding humour and sparking the imagination.

Barbara Fraser

Roxburgh resident Barbara Fraser has spent many years perfecting her art for sale and teaching and inspiring young emerging talent. She has been working in acrylics and oils, creating compositions from flowers, landscapes, still life and portraits. Her landscapes have included many rocky and dry landscapes, which reflect her love of Central Otago, where she spent her childhood.

Vauna Turner

Vauna Turner has been creating mixed media art for many years. Traveling around the world, exploring as many corners as she could, selling her work along the way. Now settled back in NZ she can continue to pursue what she enjoys doing most.
From a studio, on a hillside, overlooking the beautiful Teviot Valley, the peace and tranquillity allows inspiration and imagination to soar, resulting some wonderful pieces to offer for sale at Forfar Road Gallery and Collectibles.  

Gary and Diane Jeffries

Precision, attention to detail, entirely hand crafted investment heirlooms of exceptional detail.

Respect and passion are what drive Gary and Diane Jeffries to build selected examples of motor vehicle models, ships and boats, motorcycles etc. lifting the craft of model making to high level art.

From a small selection of the beautiful work created by Roxburgh Artist Jeannie Brown, a stunning oil on board completed in 1987. 
This piece; Simon in G Major, a portrait of Simon Rowan, guitarist synonomous with the Dunedin Sound of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Marion Vialade-Worch

Marion Vialade-Worch is a self-taught artist hailing from France, now based in Alexandra, Central Otago. While initially trained in winemaking, Marion’s true passion lies in art, particularly drawing in the great outdoors.

Curiosity and a desire to explore different techniques and materials have shaped Marion’s artistic journey, helping to develop a unique and personal style.

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