Gary and Diane Jeffries

Model Makers – Roxburgh, Central Otago

Gary and Diane Jeffries are the most unassuming couple you could possibly hope to meet. They live a quiet life in the community of the Roxburgh Hydro Village. However, the mastery that exists in the tiny workshop at the back of the house is quite astonishing.

When I imagine model-making, my mind goes to my own experience of model-making, plastic kitsets glued together with aerofix glue, then painted to some very modest resemblance of the picture on the box that the kit came in.

Gary Diane Jeffries 1905 Curved Dash Oldsmobile 1

Gary and Diane Jeffries’ work is at a completely different level.
They are commissioned to travel the world, to photograph and measure exotic vehicles, boats motorcycles, on behalf of the owners. From this, they then return to their little workshop and completely remake an exacting scale model. A precise, perfect rendition of the real thing. Exact in every detail. Mouldings, castings, turnings, every tiny detail recreated by hand.
Gary quietly tells me that when making the pieces for his models, he has to be constantly aware that the tiny piece has to be made allowing for the thickness of the coats of paint that are applied when the piece is complete.
It’s this level of detail that sets their work apart taking it way above the concept of model-making, to high-class precision art.

No surprise that their work is so highly coveted. Art pieces to last for generations, each in their own purpose built case for transporting. Forfar Road Gallery and Collectibles are proud to have the opportunity to offer a small selection of these timeless works of art. 

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